1 July 2012

What is backlinking?

Recently, almost everyone is talking about search engine optimization, backlinking, and designing a website with many different methods of web development.


Firstly, lets explain how backlinking works!

Before I explain SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and backlinking, you should ask yourself these simple questions, so you can tell the difference between web designers who know what they are talking about, and web designers who have simply graduated with nearly no experience – and will use your website as a learning experience – rather than a project.

Without these question answered, you can’t have a useful backlinking process for your site so have a pen and paper ready and ask your self:

 what is the value of my site to my business?

Ask your self do I need traffic to brand my name ? or do I want to sell my product online? do I have to be involve in the community by hosting events or…

They are millions and millions of viewers all around the world. they all looking for different concepts with different keywords, structure your site in a way so people can benefit from all aspects your site, or if you are selling goods , try to offer similar products or try to show as much as value you could by linking you internal articles.

There is one big rule of thumb when you are trying to boost your ranking to increase traffic which is corresponding contents. No matter how good you are with creating useful and powerful backlinks, if your content can’t support your keyword, you are not going to be stable on google search ranks.

People search different content or products with different terms in any major search engine site they called keywords. So by understanding what your keywords are you can create corresponding articles to your keywords. And you can increase the chances of having a better ranking on search engines.

User are the web are not like 10 years ago, the competition out there is extremely though and people have so many different options. People look for different free stuff all the time and what you need is traffic. Try to understand what you can provide to solve a problem, answer a question, or satisfy a need without charging them, this is the key to a strong relation with your viewers.

Backlinking is all about different sites referring to your site. Ask yourself this question which site is my friend? How can I link my site to their sites? Most of the time webmasters exchange links so make sure you are a part of this transaction because it’s always a good idea to be a part of a bigger community.

If you have a website, you should know whats going on in your site, you should know who is looking at your articles? And how many people are looking at your pages? It’s always a good idea to have any sort of web statistics to have the results of your traffic and to set a traffic goal.i use Google Analytic to get a clear undrestanding of my site The bigger your goal the better contents you have to provide

There are many factors about a search engine friendly page, but the most important ones are a proper code, keyword, Meta tags, Meta description, Useful text, setting corresponding keyword, setting a corresponding pictures, and many more. Please know that using content in a scripted language will not be useful for example putting your content in a flash website or in a java script context.

Now if you are confident about all the questions, we can move on.


Backlinking are links will direct someone towards your own website. Backlinks are also called Inbound links (IBL). The amount of backlinking is an indication of how popular or important a website is. Backlinking is particularly important for SEO, as  some search engines, such as Google, will give more credit to the websites that have an impressive number of backlinks. Search engines also consider the websites that are more relevant, than the other websites, for their results pages in a search query. Backlinking is a key component of getting your website noticed by search engines.

According to Google, backlinking is a process whichBacklinks display other webpages that link to your posts.
to make it more simple : how many sites have a link to my site… lets not forget

Basically, Backlinking is All About Getting Your Site Links From Other Sites.

Since you have all your questioned answered and you have a good strategy in place all you need to do is to connect the keywords to corresponding articles and that’s what I call a good backlinking strategy.

If you have any problems or you have any question know that we are here to help. you can always contact us here