Corporate Identity


Branding is the process of creating and spreading the brand name. It can be applied to the entire corporate identity as well as to individual product and services. This includes everything from creating corporate logos to positioning the brand to advertising and promoting it.

Our branding programs effectively chart a path for your brands to help build your business. We analyze your brand history, current market conditions as well as competitors and use a consumer-focused perspective to find areas of opportunity for our clients. We use this knowledge to discover new paths for your brand, developing consistent brand messaging at all consumer touch points; through corporate identity creation, physical asset development, promotional materials, and online communications. We visualize your brand as your core customer sees it; how they recognize with your logo, explore your interior space, search for information, relate to your product, receive correspondence, interact with your brand ambassadors and view your advertisements. We manage the connection between all of these opportunities in order to deliver a clear and consistent message that successfully achieves your unique and strategic marketing objectives, providing a seamless and lasting customer experience with your brand.

Brand identity is carried throughout promotional online and print media as well as advertising including:

Corporate logos
Business cards
Brand association
Brand personality


MQ Solutions branding and Corporate Identity services can be applied to the entire corporate identity of your business as well as to individual services and products. Corporate branding and identity development are a priority investment for all businesses. A successful brand name is a powerful reflection of the visual, emotional and cultural image surrounding a business and/or its products and services. The public’s brand awareness and recognition is often a central factor in evaluating a company.


A logo consists of either a word mark or an icon, or both together. Both the icon and the word mark must communicate the personality of your company through the use of colour, font and symbolism that is representative of who you are, your key brand attributes and the benefit of your product or service to the consumer. Your logo should be meaningful, memorable, positive, own-able and visual.  Our talented and creative design creation team is at your service. Typically, we’ll ask you questions about your business, mission statement and the long term vision you have in mind. We’ll do extensive research in order to find the proper fonts, shapes and colours that will best represent your business and vision. Our corporate identity or logo creation includes but is not limited to the design of your letterhead, envelopes and business cards.