Effective Twitter Marketing To Gain Twitter Followers

6 February 2013

Effective Twitter Marketing to Gain Twitter Followers

Want your website to get more hits. or want to gain twitter followers? Learn to Use Twitter, and use it the Smart way!

Below, MQVL has provided 10 of our favourite Twitter tips and tricks that can help you gain twitter followers. Our advice will ease the use of Twitter for you, and will also help you increase the number of followers you have.

Gain Twitter Followers by following these Steps:

1. Customize

  • Update your Twitter profile pictures. Make your account personalized, if the account is for you, personally.
  • Make certain to use the most of  the 160-character limit Twitter BIO space allows as possible. Include keywords that your followers or even your potential followers might possibly be looking for.
  • Create your own background image, instead of using a default background image. Do not create an image too similar to an ad or sales pitch. We recommend a background image of approximately 1600×1200.

2. Advertise

  • Make sure to always mention your Twitter page to as many other places as you possibly can, this way more people will check out your twitter and this helps gain twitter followers.

For Example: on a Business card, Web page(s), Blog(s), Facebook, etc.

3. Go Mobile

  • Most Smart phones have the twitter application available for download. The Apple iPhones, Blackberry phones, Android phones, Windows 7 phones, and many more phones can easily download and access twitter from most places in the world. Make sure to take complete advantage of these applications. For many people who do not have smart phones, Twitter also provides an extensive support for SMS, which is able to send tweets over text messages.

4. Know The Lingo

Knowing the Twitter Lingo will expand recognition of your account (especially through the use of hash tags), and as a result, increase your chances to gain twitter followers.


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