How can I do SEO on my own

8 December 2013
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how can I do SEO on my own ?

So many People ask our team this very simple question, I don’t know why, But for some reason people finally understanding the value of SEO and realizing no matter how much I pay an outsider,I should know what are the things to be done .

do we have to pay tons and tons of money to different companies to bring our selected keywords to the   first page ?

Well Let me tell you one thing for sure, Everything is possible !

Yes you can do SEO all by yourself as long as you know what are you doing exactly !

To begin with this question of:

how can I do SEO on my own?

you have to know how the Google search engine functions, although there are other search  engines out there but since the Google is the biggest bully in this market we have to please it to get our spot !

Google is a spider web search engine , and no I am not going to exactly tell you how it works, simply because if I knew the formula to their algorithms I wouldn’t be here writing this article but just to give you some basic understanding :

consider more than 200 factors which each robot goes through to find and value your page based on those results, and it will see if there are incoming links and out going links to that page so a user wont face a dead end, so just by explaining a simple process we found 2  factors of those 200 factors,

I know you are thinking about how can i do seo on my own , why is this guy talking about all other things but this question , so let me get to this by separating it into different categories:how do i seo on my own

a) How is my page structured (on page optimizations)

b )how people can find my page (off page optimizations)

20 thing to consider for On Page Optimizations

On page optimizations :

1) Code properly

Using good codes clean codes, clear CSS, will help you to let robots go through all of the words inside your page and  since robots wont get exhausted it can process your codes and move on to another page faster

this will help you to let robots view majority of your pages.

2) Have good and useful contents.

Its not a trick, if I have valuable contents which people can actually benefit from and read it, then I will get a chance to have my page be indexed well on the Google.

and make sure when yo write your contents be creative , use good words , use words which they correlate with your title

3) Don,t put your contents in flash or java

Putting your valuable contents inside a flash file wont allow robots to view your contents. and when a page misses good contents it wont have a good chance to be index on search engines

4) Have meta descriptions

meta description is a piece of html code which goes inside your html

In one form, meta elements can specify HTTP headers which should be sent before the actual content when the HTML page is served from Web server to client. For example:

<meta name="description" content="This is an example of a meta description. Google will show this to searchers.">

its always a good idea to put the meta descriptions inside of the header of the html file this way bots will see it very first when they crawl your page

5)Have page title

its very important to have a page title its recommended to have it  in <h1>  format but be careful having too many < h1>  format in your text has a negative score in your SEO.

6) Have <h2 > <h3> formats in your paragraphs

Google will consider these pages with different html font formats as well organized pages , but remember don’t over do it

7)Have Image on your pages

Having different images on your page will help users to  visually understand the concept which you are talking about and it helps them stay  on your page for longer

8)Try to link your page

Link out your page to pages that they are about the specific contents you are talking about for example :

Its a good idea to have meta tags for images , Do you know whats a meta tag?

9)Have a good internal linking system

have a good internal linking so your SEO strategy wont have a dead end and it can contribute to your overall SEM

10)Use good videos

I know its not easy to have videos for every little thing out there , but time to time try to create a a good useful video which is fun, creative, and it helps you to perform better for what ever it is that you are doing .

11) Don’t use super large images

Using very large images or using a very large piece of code will slow down your page load time , and the faster your page loads the better chances of showing my audience my articles

to understand how fast your site loads use pingdom tools

12 )Be socially active

really important factor nowadays if your contents are shared among people there is a very high chance of getting your page on top of search engines.

13)Respond to people’s comments

There are millions and millions of  spammy comments are out there so when you find a real genuine comment respond, and let the person have a link out from your site,

14)Have your keywords inside the url of your page

for example if my page is about fresh milk in the morning , its a good idea to have my url strucred like this :

15) Use a good focus keyword

try to use a focus key word or key phrase for your site to write your articles around your focuse keyword, dont have everything about everything in one page be as detailed as possible.

16)Have your page title in your Url

In 2012 it was really an important factor to be considered but with recent changes to Google algorithm (the hummingbird ) this factor is losing its value , but it still needs to be considered

17) Using good SEO plugins if you are using a CMS

Alrigh this part is for all of the people who are using cms for their frame work of their websites ,

For those of you who are using WoWordPress here are couple of really good plugins out there which is free to use and extremely helpful:

All in One SEO Pack
WordPress SEO

For those of you who are using Joomla as your CMS, couple of really good plugins out there which is free to use and extremely helpful :





18)Don’t use hidden keywords

Don’t try to hide your keywords in your background Google will detect you as a site which uses black hat seo methods which is not good

19)Have  economics of scale

if its going to take hours and hours of your time doing the things you don’t know how to do , its a good idea to do what you are best at and find another company to do your hard work for you

20)Write to increase general knowledge not to solely bring traffic in

This lately has been one of the biggest controversies of all, but let me be frank with you all , Google somehow detects the contents that are out there solely to generate traffic and somehow it keeps the ones that re providing genuine information to searchers.

Off page Optimization :

1) Have  Google webmaster tools , and Google analytic tools

Have your site on Google webmaster tools to see your indexed pages , to find your error reports and so many other things which I will explain in another post soon

2) Build Links

Try to link your site to powerful website

Try to link your site to website with high page rank you can find a rank of the website page by using this tool Page rank checker

I hope I helped you on the question of ” how can i do SEO on my own?”

Remember SEO is not rocket science it needs  persistence and patience, I am sure you will get there soon !

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