Top Search Engine Results Are Everything

86% of Canadians use Google to find everything they are searching for: 96% don't go to the second page!

Where is your Business?


The Search Engine Optimization Process Done Right

Finding Right Keywords

Search Engine Optimization

Creating Related Contents

On-Page Optimization

Publish and Control

Maintenance and Control

Online marketing is the new flexible way of marketing your business. With a solid online marketing strategy, we will manage your advertisements more efficiently and more effectively than any other “traditional” way of advertising.

An effective online campaign can save you thousands of dollars by not wasting your budget on ineffective marketing components and tactics. With online advertisements you can manage, track and monitor market changes and take necessary action quicker. Traditional advertisement methods take a lot of time to be created, published and turned into profit, however with online marketing everything can be set up, implemented and changed in less than a day or in some cases even less than an hour.


What’s the point of having a website if it can’t be found?

If you have an existing webpage discussing your company’s services, MQ Solutions would use search services, WordPress and our background knowledge in SEO to edit your content allowing Google to notice your content before it notices other websites. With our methods,, your company’s website will consistently be at the top of all relevant searches. This is just as crucial for every company’s success as getting more traffic to your website. Being at the top of Google searches is imperative for getting noticed and discovered.