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Since the arrival of the first website in the 90s, people are still confused on how to create a website that has both SEO friendly pages and a visually pleasing layout. While the millennial generation is busy in school, learning how to be doctors and lawyers, a huge portion of business owners hold out dated ideas on how to run a business, and can’t really understand how important the Internet is when it comes to promoting a business.

As a web design company in Toronto, we have the luxury of having so many successful businesses around us. We have come to create meaningful ties with many of these business and come to an understanding of all the basic principles of what they cater towards to successful operations. In the ten years of innovating and creating web designs in Toronto, we have formulated a top 8 list of all the common mistakes business owners do. If one doesn’t take the time to put in effort in their website, why should I make the effort to look through it?

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Don’t try to be clever, be clever.

“Any kind of press is good press” that statement might be true if you’re a Kardashian but it couldn’t be any further from the truth about web designing. One of the biggest amateur moves that people try to pull off is create a layout, with a title, contact info, and then publish it on the net. The reason why this is one of the worst moves you can pull, is that if a potential customer finds your website and sees that you have no products and services how would the client even know you’re in business? On the other side of the coin why would a customer even take you seriously if you can’t even show what you do?

Another reason why people do this is that they fall into a trap with another IT company as you know there are many web design companies in Toronto and each of them they have their own little catch 22 by making a quick buck from you. So they tell you to first publish your site, so that they can move on to other proposals while your project is floating somewhere in the internet. In all honesty they do not care if your brand is tarnished, all they care about is if they provided you the service they offered and if they collected the money you gave them.

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The A,B,C’s of Legal Jargon.

Next important aspect to web design is the good-ol’-legal-jibber-jabber that no one comprehends. For all you non-professional liars, copyright is essentially a legal term which allows patent offices identify a certain product, name, design and so fourth, as your idea should be protected by law. You are allowed to share your own idea that is copyrighted which then you can ask for a royalty fee from the other users.

So you are probably wondering how does copyright really matter for web design? Well you have to periodically update your patent, it shows to people that you update and take care of your website which directly reflects on you as a business owner. Nothing is less appealing reading a site and seeing the paten hasn’t been updated since 1995. In simpler terms, you won’t eat cheese that has been expired since ‘95 why should I look at your site that has outlived the backstreet boys?

web design in toronto
web design toronto

Spell it with me s-o-c-i-a-l m-e-d-i-a

In this day and age magazines and billboards are expensive, but I’m no fortune 500 CEO, but I believe the core of every business is to make a profit. There is actually a free way of advertising and I can guarantee your kids, family, and friends use it on a daily basis. It’s called social media. Websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest allow you to advertise your product for free! You should really think about intergrading social media into your website.

You can have the greatest looking website but if no one has heard of it who will learn about your products? Red bull spends over one-third of its revenue on brand marketing. Burberry spends 50% of its brand budget on digital marketing. You are neither Red Bull, Burberry or Nike, but if you ever have any aspirations of being anywhere close to them, you must understand the (exact) values of your fans – before you spend all your money trying to reach them.

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Bing me up, Scotty!

SEO also known as Search Engine Optimization plays a huge role for your website. SEO lets search engines like google, yahoo, and bing to take your website and list it into their SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Positions). Naturally your website won’t be very high up and there can be many factors due to this. You can read more about SEO techniques “How to do SEO on my own


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2005 called, they want their visitor counter back!

Anyone remember how most e-commerce websites back in 2000 used the hideous “visitor counter”? The problem with these out dated plug-ins, is that business owners believe that these numbers have any form of relevance and that it projects how important the brand or the  company is. On the contrary not only do people ignore the counter but if the numbers are unusually high many people are skeptical and assume the number was fabricated. On the flip side if the number is too low they may take you for a joke and just skip your website alltogether.

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Keep the essays for school

Another sure fire way to get people to pack up and leave your site is when they need to read an essay about why your product is great. I’m sure they can understand why your service is superior in two to three sentences instead of ten. Keep the essays for academia, you are no professor but a business man.

On top of overly long paragraphs being a major waste of time, using passive verbs or words that no one understands either confuses people or just makes them bored. No one likes a smart aleck, no need to be one.