Web Design & Pricing

31 January 2013

Web Design & Pricing

Web design pricing is probably the most controversial topic in the industry. There is no universal formula for estimating the cost of a new website or the cost of redesigning a website. Web design prices vary from $199 to millions of dollars. Let’s not take into consideration the extremes, but instead concentrate on the average section.

Let’s suppose you are a consultant and need a website and web design for your small business.
(We purposely chose a small business as an example).

Let’s suppose you do not have any other expenses, except the time you spend on your work.
And finally, let’s suppose in order to make a half-decent living you would like to make at least $40,000/year.

Now, you are would be dealing with a a design pricing problem, by having to choose a web designing company.

To narrow down your choices, let’s assume there are two main web designing companies you can choose from:


  • Web Design Company #1
  • Incredibly kind and professional web design for about $5000.


  • Web Design Company #2
  • A reasonably good quality design for about $1000.


In reality the price difference is way smaller, we just made it bigger to prove our point.

MQVL.com Would beweb design company #1, But with a more Competitive price than what web design company #1 would normally charge. (There is no regular rate, every website has a different price, depending on what needs to be done)

  • An ordinary website will live between 5 years – 1 decade, until it needs a full redesigning.

Let’s suppose your website will not need redesigning for approximately 7 years. In the current modern fast-paced environment we live in, let’s assume 50% of your total clients are from your website.

  • Therefore, the full expected income from your website would be:
  • $40,000/year * 50% * 7 years = $140,000

The distinction between the entire pricing would be only $5000-$1000=$4000


Now, let’s take the difference between the pricing $5000-$1000=$4000

If you calculate that result as a proportion of the whole expected income from your new web design, it would be only = $4000/$140.000= 2.8%


The more costly web design is usually more effective than the cheaper web design by approximately only 2.8%, thus it is better to build the better website. It is always a better investment working with the better, more professional web design company since; it will pay off both in the short run and in the long run.

Losing $50,000 worth of clients simply because you went with the lower quality web design company, only to save money during the developmental stages of your website is not worth it.

  • Returning to the original question: Why doesn’t Web design price matter?

Because the money you save on the cheaper – Less professional web design company, will only accumulate for a small fraction of your entire revenues in the long run.

because it will only accumulate for a small proportion of your total business revenues in the long run.

MQVL will provide the best web design option for your website, whether you need a new website, or the redesigning of your current website.

We strive to see our clients make it the the top results on Google, and earn many customers as a result.

If you would wish to contact MQVL for more inquiries about our services, please Contact Us Today.

Our prices are competitive, and our Quality is top notch.

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