Web Design & The Importance in Toronto

26 April 2018

 web design Toronto

One of the main questions we often hear from small business owners is whether web design plays a significant role for businesses.

The answer is always: “Yes effective web design can make or break your business- especially in a saturated market, such as Toronto, where you are competing against millions of other companies.”

A company’s website has many different important goals: to educate a potential consumer about the services and products offered by a business, the advantages of choosing this specific company versus a similar one, details about the company as well as where to find it and most importantly; conveying this information in an accessible manner to the reader.

Your company may have the best product, service and staff, however if the design of your website doesn’t optimize your content, utilize proper keywords and does not appeal to the reader – no one will know that your company is the best. In fact, if your website is not optimized properly to work with search engines, it will simply not be found. The price for keyword marketing is consistently increasing based on trends and widespread use which means that the value of specific keywords is proving to be more and more effective at helping your future customer find you.

Once your website is optimized and all of the keywords make it “findable”, the web design really begins to play a key role: is your content interesting? Is the information conveyed in an understandable manner? Can the visitor navigate the site easily without getting lost and side tracked? Is your site mobile friendly or is it so big that no smart phone can load it? Once a person lands on your website they will either become your customer or your competitor’s customer. All of the mentioned factors are extremely important towards converting your visitors in to valuable clients and presenting your brand in effective and clear ways. If your web design is complicated, flashy and irrelevant you will lose business. You may think the visitors you are losing were not your clients to start with, however repelling ANY potential clients is costing you potential profit.

Web design is also an extremely important avenue of communication which speaks for your company and provides a lot of insight in to your corporate culture. For instance for a company that claims they are innovative and on top of the latest industry trends, it actually demonstrates both of those claims with constant website redesign. It is believed that a website needs to be redesigned every 6 months to allow for incorporation of the latest web design trends as well as to keep fresh and current. In many ways, a website for your business is similar to a menu at a restaurant: it indicates all of the services you offer, conveys your business info and sets out expectations for your customers. If you change certain dishes or ingredients, you must update your menu otherwise your patrons will keep ordering dishes that are no longer being served. Similarly, as your company grows and evolves you need to consistently update your website and the design to ensure that all of the info is relevant and up to date. There is nothing worse than having outdated contact or staff info on your site.


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