Customer Relationship Management System: The CRM Solution

All The Success A Business Needs Lays In Great Teamwork

The CRM Solution: All the features your business requires

Every great relationship starts with engaging customers

One efficient strategy you can incorporate with ease to establish, develop and maintain these relationships is your Customer Relationship Management (or CRM) system. MQ Solutions offers its newly developed CRM system that can be customized to your needs and can support your public relations needs.

Supercharge your sales with one of the world’s best sales and CRM applications.
Improve your sales productivity and grow your customer base.
Easily connect with existing and potential customers.
Effectively manage and keep track of your client communication and document your interactions for your reference.


Easily Manage Tasks
Organize, prioritize, share, collaborate, complete and follow the progress of each one of the tasks on your personalized to-do list.

Assign Tasks To Those Concerned
Choose who is assigned to a task you create: allowing your team members to multi-task without loosing track of anything.

Your Business, Your Team
The ultimate HR and administration partner: helps you manage staff, enhances efficiency & encourages collaboration.

Internal Team Board
Share all news, company policies and important events with each employee. Collaborate on projects together as a team.

Group Contacts Into Lists
The organization feature allows you to group your contacts under their companies and distinguish whether they are leads or clients for example.

Centralize & Manage Emails
Access all of your emails and email accounts in one place: attach any document, save your communication and collaboration history.


CRM solutions are efficient and effective for businesses of any size

No matter its size, your company can greatly benefit from the CRM solution developed by MQ Solutions. One way a business can guarantee its success is to develop positive relationships with its clients. Logically, implementing a strategy to learn more about customers’ needs and behaviours is key to developing stronger relationships with them and being prepared to better answer their individual needs. To ensure that all your business objectives are recognized during the Pre-CRM implementation stage, our consultants will gather project and business requirements from you and present them in ways that is understandable for your entire team.


Analytic PR Log Reporting
Understand, record and improve the efficiency of your public relations by keeping a log: detail comments, date, time, outcome and more.

Your Very Own eSignature
Personalize and sign documents without having to touch a single pen. Save your eSignature once and use it whenever needed.

Access All Your Files
Centralizing your files here means: quick task setting, control over fulfillment and reports helping the flow of operations.

Calendar: Book, Sync and Go.
Book appointments, set-up meetings, change details from any of your synced devices and let the CRM system organize the rest.

Pocket-Sized Library
Contracts, reports, proposals and other important documents can all be stored and classified in your very own library.

Sync It All With The Cloud
All of your important information – calendars, tasks, contacts, etc – anywhere and whenever you want to access it. Just sync it.

Powerful Search Feature
Spend less time searching and more time dealing with necessary information with the useful search tool bar.

A Chat System For Your Team
With the internal chat system, your employees can communicate securely with confidentiality, whether online or not.

Have one of our expert CRM consultants contact you

Want to optimally implement a CRM system?

The faster you get your CRM solution software in place, the sooner your business can start profiting from your CRM solution investment. With the MQ Solutions implementation approach, your CRM installation is easy, fast and can be put to work right away. Our professional approach incorporates a well-defined phased process and relies on a specific implementation strategy. We provide you with a list of best practices guidelines and tools to help you follow the process effectively. Achieve your customer and sales objectives with an in-depth examination of your CRM processes and solution. A CRM Audit is performed by a senior Professional Service consultant that has extensive experience in the matter. Upon completion, you receive a full report with detailed recommendations that will help you maximize your CRM investment with the best practices in-hand.